Which of the different types of probiotics is best for you?

Most popular doesn’t always mean best. This is especially the case when looking at the different types of probiotics.

Choosing the right type will depend on your health. Do you suffer from discomforts such as constipation, yeast infection, fatigue etc. Or are you in good health, have no complaints and would like to keep it this way?

I suggest that you combine one or two of the various types if necessary – I will explain why it would be necessary in a moment.

Alright... Let’s review in the order of most effective to the least potent types of probiotics:

  • Dried frozen form (powder) has being proven to be most potent. This is due to its easy access to the gut, arriving in one piece alive and well.
  • Secondly, probiotics capsules manufactured from a trusted supplier can contain high concentrations of beneficial bacteria.

  • Last and certainly the least are probiotics in liquid form (yogurt). They may be great tasting, and... yes do contain a lot of probiotic bacteria. Notwithstanding, with exception to Kefir, they simply do not have enough Colony Forming Units to make that much of a beneficial difference in your gastrointestinal tract.

I know... I know... Lots of you love to get live probiotic bacteria from yogurts. Well, what you can do is combine two different types of probiotics. When you are having your tub of live active bacterial yogurt, add dried frozen beneficial bacteria powder to your yogurt. Now we’re talking! You will notice the difference. Especially...

...when you use the advice and tips in my free minerals and vitamins food guide to get the most from using probiotic supplements.

Even if you are in good health and you’re just looking to incorporate probiotics into your diet for the sake of maintenance, it is still a good idea to take the type of probiotics that will supply you with ample amounts of beneficial bacteria. This will ensure you remain dis-ease free.

If you are suffering from discomforts, then you really should not waste your time on probiotics in yogurt without adding frozen bacteria powder to the yogurt. If you take the bio yogurt by itself, it is an absolute guaranteed waste of your time. Just had to stress that again, people who use bio yogurt to try and cure discomforts know what I mean.

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