How to prevent the side effects of probiotics

Providing you are sensible with probiotics, you will not suffer from the side effects of probiotics; and what some people understand as side effects are actually not side effects. So if you find that when you take probiotics you have diarrhoea, don’t freak out...

Most of the time, this is due to your body removing the dead bacteria from your digestive system.

Secondly, each of us have different tolerance levels. Therefore, if you decide to take probiotics, don’t start yourself on the probiotic supplements with high concentration (450 billion per serving!). Start off with 2 to 10 billion per serving initially.

If the 2 to 10 billion per serving is not helping you out, then you may consider the probiotic supplements with high concentration. I want to stress that, the concentration of the probiotic supplement alone will not get you the best results. Take a look at my probiotic bacteria page for a bigger picture.

Another important factor to avoiding the side effects of probiotics is not to take probiotics if you have serious issues with your immune system or if you are very ill.

Some people find it makes their illness worst. For this reason, if you’re suffering from the above, I strongly advice you consult your physician before buying a probiotic supplement.

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