Probiotics and Antibiotics should be prescribed together!

Probiotics and antibiotics or should I say pro-life vs. anti-life, the hint is in the name. If you ask most people with gastrointestinal or gut discomfort what preceded their illnesses, I bet you... an antibiotics course preceded it.

It is very tragic that probiotics and antibiotics are not prescribed together if you’re about to go on an antibiotics course.

I mean, it makes sense does it not? You’ll see what I mean in a second...

You go on an antibiotics course; you obliterate innocent beneficial bacteria populations in the effort to destroy one strain of bacteria causing mischief. It reminds me of George Bush and the million people he killed in order to take out Saddam Hussein.

In your micro flora world, this type of mass destruction has some serious backlash in the form of: IBS, Candida and nausea to name just a few dis-eases you set yourself up for.

Now... all this can be avoided if you follow the approach below.

I have lost track of the amount of people that have successfully evaded developing discomforts simply by doing the following:

  1. Start taking a good probiotic supplement at least a day or two before you go on your antibiotics course. It does not make sense to continue taking probiotic supplements when you've started the course, as the antibiotics will simply kill most of the probiotic bacteria.
  2. On the last day of your antibiotics course, start taking some probiotics for at least five days to re-populate your gut with beneficial bacteria. This ensures that sinister micro-organisms like yeasts or fungi, viruses etc., do not gain a foot hold and flourish.
  3. Whilst you’re on antibiotics, especially if you’re on a long course of antibiotics, it is probably a good idea to take probiotics and antibiotics together if you find yourself in the situation below...

    During an antibiotics course, some people begin to develop symptoms, i.e. they feel a “...yeast infection brewing.” Consult your doctor and see if you can take a day off from the course. On your day off from antibiotics, you need to take a good probiotic supplement with high concentration.

Take a look at my free minerals and vitamins food guide. The guide explains what happens and how to benefit from combining antibiotics and probiotics.

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