Health Benefits of Probiotics – What can you look forward to?

The health benefits of probiotics are plentiful and should not be taken for granted; because if we do, we will pay the price sooner or later.

When we're younger, most of us have the luxury of not having to use probiotic supplements. However, when you mature or get to a certain age, your body or digestive system will definitely let you know what you are not benefiting from with a host of illnesses.

Ok... Let’s jump into the nitty gritty.

The health benefits of probiotics are as follows:

Probiotic Bacteria helps your body by producing vitamins k, botin and folic acid. Now, these benefits are pretty abstract until someone tells you what happens when your body is deficient in the above vitamins.

There is a strong probability you will develop anaemia – lack of red blood cells. Which means you will have such symptoms as tiredness, feeling faint, becoming easily breathless.

Do these symptoms sound familiar?... Fatigue sufferers reading this you know what I mean.

Everyone raves on about how calcium is good for your bones. Well...

Yes it is, notwithstanding, if you are deficient in vitamin k and phosphorus, you can kiss your body’s effective use of calcium to maintain healthy bones good bye!

Even though your body also obtains vitamins from various foods, it is still helpful to take advantage of the health benefits of probiotics and give your body the opportunity to use vitamins from your beneficial bacteria - just like nature intended it.

Probiotics helps us digest soluble fiber like apple, barley and banana; these are prebiotic foods, if you are interested in prebiotics that is.

Another great benefit is strengthening your immune system. My probiotic bacteria page explains why and how this fits into everything. But, one of the biggest health benefits of probiotics is:

You can count on beneficial bacteria or probiotic supplements to counteract the very probable side effects of antibiotics.

I must stress that to get excellent results from probiotics, you simply must nurture and assist the probiotic bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract. My free minerals and vitamins food guide will take you through this. Some of you may also be interested in...

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Probiotics and Antibiotics should be prescribed together! Antibiotics! Arguably mother of all digestive disorders. We’ll look at how you can use probiotics and antibiotics successfully.

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